Keoni Simmons

How did you find out about Chef’s Roll and why did you join?
I found out about Chef’s Roll when I met one of the co-founders at the Farm to Bay 2013 fundraising event at the Living Coast Discovery Center. Chef’s Roll is well known and liked in culinary circles. It’s a great way to get continuous exposure in the industry and showcase my portfolio for future work opportunities.

What opportunities you have gotten since being a part of Chef’s Roll?
One of the first opportunities I received after setting up my Chef’s Roll account was the chance to compete in the World Food Championships (WFC).

I just recently participated in a dinner for the Chaine des Rotisseurs – it was their National Board of Directors Meeting. I had met Annalise Brolaski through Chef’s Roll and seen her compete at the WFC. Her Chef’s Roll profile has photos of desserts she has done, so it was easy for me to see she was the perfect chef for our dessert course.

Chef’s Roll has made a huge and positive impact in my career. I’m very grateful for it and highly recommend it for anyone who wants to advance in this industry.

Soar’boy: Sautéed scallops, crispy pork belly, shallots and micro greens tossed in Hungry Chef mayo. Topped with red tobiko and served on crunchy King’s Hawaiian rolls.

How did you do at the World Food Championships?
Well, my “Team Hungry Chef” consisted of Chef Jeff Roberto, Chef Joe Orate, Huebert Waldheim and David Litke. Each one contributed in one way or another to our success at attaining 1st place in the signature sandwich round. We went into the Final 10 still on top after the 2nd, but when the smoke cleared after the 3rd round we were in 7th. Needless to say this is what will help motivate us in trying to get that 1st place trophy come November 2015. (winning sandwich pictured on right)

What’s up next?
I’m very excited to announce that I’ve launched my own sauce line called Hungry Chef. Our first release was the “Original” our signature BBQ sauce and so far, it’s been a great success! We’re now selling at local shops listed on our website and shipping bottles nationwide! The next to be released is our Gluten Free – Vegan Sauce named “San Diego Style” BBQ sauce. It’ll be available before the end of February. We have a few more sauces and a dry rub in the works. Last but not least, I’m looking forward to competing in the World Food Championships 2015 in Florida. The 2014 World Food Championship was an incredible and rewarding experience. We can’t wait to participate in this year’s event. Without giving too much away, let’s just say we have already kickstarted our dishes for Florida.

Learn more about chef Keoni Simmons on his Chef’s Roll profile.

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