The 365 Day Dry Aged Beef Project – Episode 5: 60 Days

You’ve got to watch Chef Daniel Barron take apart and cook this prime beef 107 rib with a bandsaw while describing the effects of the aging process. To check out the rest of the series, click here.

Once we got our hands on the beef, we gave individual ribeyes out to 3 top-notch chefs and told them they could cook it however they wanted to. This is what happened next:

Recipe: Logan Kendall Cooks 60 Days Dry-Aged Beef

“This is a 60 day dry aged beef with jaltomato sauce, blueberry leaves that have been smoked with bay leaf, and sweet lemon and daisies. What I did is take the jaltomato and cut it with a little bit of grape nectar. The jaltomato is an earthy nightshade, so I wanted to give it some sweetness, just to cut it out and make it very balanced, so it would compliment the earthy nuttiness of the steak itself very well.
“What I did with the blueberry grapes is take the hoja santa, lay it down, put the blueberry grapes on top of it, and then actually started to char and light some bay leaf wood, and then put that directly on top of the blueberry grapes, and then cover that with the hoja santa and let that kind of rest for a little bit. And the heat from the bay leaf kind of smoked it inside the hoja santa, which just lended itself to a kind of herbaceous, smokey blueberry grape.”

Recipe: Juan Carlos Récamier Cooks 60 Days Dry-Aged Beef

“This dish is based on the classic French chateaubriand with a bearnaise sauce. Instead of using a filet mignon, I used a 60 day dry aged bone-in ribeye that was cooked with a simple salt and peppper and a little bit of olive oil over mesquite wood. I paired it with a side of blistered potatoes, tomatoes and baby carrots, all drenched in beef fat directly from the bone section of the ribeye. The bearnaise sauce is perfect with the 60 day bone in ribeye. It brings out the flavors of the marbled meat very, very well. It just has that classic touch of French cuisine at the end.”

Recipe: Claudette Zepeda Wilkins Cooks 60 Days Dry-Aged Beef

“Steak served with vegetable ash sauce. The steak is seared on the coals, then on top of the kudu grill skillet. That got paired with sauteed escamoles – ant larvae from mexico. That got tossed in with some fresh tomatoes, just to bring out the earthiness with the freshness of the tomatos. Garnish with a little bit of salsa in the mortar and pestle, and the “cilantro criollo” – corainder flowers. And I really wanna showcase the escamole flavor by using fresh tomatoes tossed within the sauteed escamoles, and then on top of the 60 day dry aged beef.”

About the Project: Chef’s Roll has teamed up with Chef Daniel Barron, the Texas Beef Council and Wüsthof for an epic 365 Day Dry Aged Beef Project. We will be dry aging “107” USDA prime rib eyes for an entire year, while sampling the results at 30, 60, 90 and 180 day intervals. The project will culminate in a beef vertical dinner to include all intervals with the 365.
Our goal is to both educate and inspire chefs around the world to dry age beef safely. In Episode 1, Chef Daniel Barron goes over all the components for your own dry age setup. Episode 2, Barron installs all the components and walks us through his setup. Episode 3, Barron receives the meat and preps it for its year-long journey. The rest of the episodes, which will be posted here on and also on YouTube, will be explorations of the beef’s characteristics at each stage, as Barron breaks down an entire rib and guest chefs incorporate it into a dish.
Follow the project all year long on the website, app and social with #365DRYAGEDBEEFPROJECT.