Four Ways Meez Makes Recipe Management Easier

Meez recipe software

Ryley Eckersley took meez for a test drive at seasonally driven Quaintrelle in Portland. Watch the video below, or keep reading to learn the main features of the first of its kind recipe management platform.

Organize and Develop Recipes in One Place

Digitize your recipes by easily importing from Excel, Word docs, PDFs or note apps; organize in recipe books; and filter by ingredient, tool, station or allergen when accessing. Edit live, interactive recipes with photos and videos in prep steps and a slideshow view. Share view access with your team, copies with your friends and colleagues, and public links for your diners and social media audience.

Intuitive Scaling and Easy, Accurate Conversions

Meez’s database of thousands of ingredients allows for intelligent text entry when creating a new recipe, includes built-in yields for prep actions, and makes converting from weight to volume a breeze.

Scale the batch size, entire recipe yield or an individual ingredient amount and watch the full recipe update accordingly. Plus, unlimited team members can view the same recipe and scale at different batch sizes without changing the saved base recipe.

Efficient Food and Recipe Costing

Scan invoices or integrate purchasing to automate ingredient costs and calculate food cost %, profit margin or portion size. Chefs can cost the same recipe at different concepts or locations, and export a recipe doc, order list, ingredient and recipes costs, and nutritional analysis.

So Many More Features

Save training materials, SOPs, checklists, videos, notes, ideas and tables in collaborative Docs. Auto generate allergens as you add ingredients to a recipe. Match ingredients with the USDA database to generate printable nutrition labels.

Make menus easier to execute, roll out new items more efficiently, and adopt a universally accessible and editable recipe format.

Explore how meez can centralize and optimize your culinary operation with a demo or free trial at and follow on social media @getmeez