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Chef & Sommelier Krysta: The New Star Of Your Table

Arc Cardinal recently unveiled their stunning new Chef & Sommelier Sequence drinkware line produced in the ground breaking Krysta high performance crystal glass material—a collaboration of Arc Cardinal’s French know-how and American craftsmanship.


Elegant and extremely durable, the Sequence Collection of drinkware is the first to be manufactured domestically by Chef & Sommelier using the incredible new Krysta material. Arc Cardinal is proud of its long history bringing innovations to the U.S. market both with materials and design. Krysta, the latest innovation, is a proprietary lead-free crystal glass that complies with the world’s most challenging specifications of Superior Strength, Complete Transparency, Long-Lasting Brilliance, and Perfect Acoustics. The material has been tested to withstand the rigors of a professional kitchen and maintains complete brilliance even after 2,000 industrial dishwashing cycles. It even boasts the pure, musical sound you’d expect from crystal.

Superior Strength & Complete Transparency

Gastronomy professionals are searching for glasses that satisfy their needs in terms of perfection and sophistication. Their Desire: splendidly elegant table settings with fine, lightweight and extremely transparent glassware. Their Professional Needs: products that are highly resistant to mechanical shocks and dishwashing for intensive daily use. To meet these dual challenges of aesthetic excellence and resistance, the Arc Research Center introduced a new generation of lead free glass, Krysta. Combining superior strength and exceptional finesse, Krysta rims are 30% stronger than other standard crystal glasses on the market, while its thin stems offer twice the mechanical resistance. Krysta maintains its brilliance even after 2,000 industrial dishwashing cycles.

Long-Lasting Brilliance & Perfect Acoustics

Krysta is the purest and most transparent crystal glass on the market keeping its brightness 100% over time. The mastery of its composition, quality of sand used, and fusion at a very high temperature gives Krysta outstanding transparency, with the color of every wine respected to perfection. And, last but not least, the perfect Krysta composition gives it a clear, pure musical sound in keeping with the tone of the best crystals for a refined sensory experience.

Wendy S Krysta

“Our American team is proud to announce that we are upgrading our technical capabilities to produce Krysta later this year at Arc’s Millville, NJ facility – one of the cleanest glassmaking facilities in the world,” states Bryan O’Rourke, CEO/President of Arc Cardinal. “In fact, Sequence will be the first American made crystal glass collection in the U.S. and we plan to upgrade all Chef & Sommelier drinkware collections to the new Krysta material during the balance of 2016 and through 2017.”

A great new material deserves to be showcased with a great new design. Arc teamed up with Rhode Island School of Design graduate James Fryer along with select Arc Cardinal hospitality customers to develop the shape and overall design. The new Sequence Collection delivers the perfect design progression, bringing a modern update to a classical shape made with Krysta. The Sequence Collection comprises 13 SKUs including wine glasses, tumblers and barware, which all feel perfectly balanced in the hand.


The revolutionary new Sequence collection upholds the long-standing reputation of Chef & Sommelier as a brand trusted by hospitality professionals to deliver strength, durability, elegance, and on-trend styles. Chef & Sommelier products rely on innovative materials and high standards of excellence to help professionals in the finest hotels and restaurants express their creativity and talent.

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