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25 Finalists #PureSouthNAChefContest

Alliance North America Online Chef Contest Featuring Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Handpicked Venison

Congrats to these 25 chefs – their delicious dishes helped them score a spot as a finalist in the #PureSouthNAChefContest! Each of these chefs now has the opportunity to be one of our 3 winners. The Grand Prize winner for Best Overall Entry will recieve $500 cash and an all-expenses paid trip to New Zealand in 2021 to see first-hand where the incredible Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Venison is raised! The Best Te Mana Lamb Dish will win a Kudu Grills Inferno package and the Best Venison Dish will win a custom blade from Nora Knives

Scroll below to check out each entry and check back on Wednesday to see which 3 chefs will be announced as our winners! 

Chef Mike Shand

Wellington Te Mana Lamb

Chef Jesse Hochhausen

Chargrill Rack of Te Mana Lamb / Pine Nut and Currant Couscous / Kabocha Squash Puree / Preserved Lemon Greek Yorgurt / Cherries / Cumin Charcoal Coral Crisp/ Green Peas

Chef Lanny Chin

Sweet Potato Wrapped Venison Short Loin / Panang Curry / Chicken Fat Roatsed Baby Vegetables / Crispy Rice / Micro Shiso / Garlic Chips / Pickled Fresno Peppers

Chef Jason Voiselle

Espresso-Chili Rubbed Venison Tenderloin / Blueberry-Port Demi / Carolina Ramp & Goat Cheese Purple Rice Grits / Spinach / Baby Carrots / Fiddlehead Ferns / Muscadine Glazed Ramps

Chef Chad Rosenthal

Te Mana Lamb Rack brined in Scotch Whiskey and Fennel / Lamb Jam made from Lamb Fat, Cherries, and Cherry Peppers / Charcoal Roasted Fennel and Wild Asparagus

Chef James Millar

Lamb Jus / Te Mana Lamb Rack with Lemon Zest & Green Herb Crumb / Mint & Cucumber Gelee / Morels Stufed with Pea & Mint Puree and Spruce Tips / Purple Asparagus Tips / Shaved Rhubarb and Purple Asparagus /
Foraged Garnishes (Chive Blossoms, Spring Onion Flowers, and Sweet Cicely)

Chef Lloyd Taganahan

Koji-cured Te Mana Lamb Rack / English Peas / Fiddleheads / Morels / Charred Shallots / Sunchoke Purée / Parsley Oil / Spruce Tip Jus

Chef Yuri Szarzewski

Venison Pithivier

Chef Brad Prose

Sous Vide Lamb Barbacoa / Charred Zucchini with Smoked Crema / Pipián Rojo / Pickled Guacamole Purée / Candied Jalapeño Tumbleweed Tuile / Chicharrón / Foraged Desert Flowers

Chef Justin Kingsley Hall

Coffee – Vanilla – Orange – Salt – Sugar Cured Venison, washed and coated with Kashmiri Chile powder before grilling over mesquite & cherry wood until a crust forms / tDressed with a mixture Shoyu – Rice Vinegar – Whiskey  / Soft boiled Egg marinated in Shoyu and Whiskey / Caviar / Shaved Corn with Sunflower Seeds and Caramelized Shallots / Baby Corn and Peanuts preserved in Chili Garlic Oil⁠

Chef Steve Wan

Coffee Rubbed Venison / Bacon Braised Radicchio / Beet Puree / Poached Pear Red Wine Gastrique

Chef Richard Gras

Venison Tenderloin / Charred Herb and Cocoa Nib Crust / Bariations of Heirloom Carrot (purée, confit, soil) / Koji Cured Turnip / Pickled Blackberry / Black Pepper Condiment / Herb Flowers

Chef Tristan Epps

Venison Tenderloin Crepinette with Suya Boar Sausage / “Hāngī ” Roasted Roots and Wild Shoots and Thistles / Wild shoots and Herbs Emulsion

Chef Jordan Rosas

Te Mana Lamb Rack covered in Lemon Balm Tips and Thyme Flowers / Asparagus / Morels / Egg Yolk Sauce seasoned with Sea Palm and Black Garlic Shoyu / Hazelnut Crumbs / Morels / Asparagus Espuma / Lamb Jus  finished with Banyuls Vinegar

Chef Ben Diaz

Leek Ash Coated Te Mana Lamb Loin / Heirloom Carrot Puree / Champagne Poached Carrot & Herb Crumble / Micro Salad / Dandelion Scented Potato / Seaweed Oil / Beet Coral / Beet Gastrique / Port & Orange Blossom Pearls

Chef Timmy D

Smoked Cinnamon Pure South Handpicked Venison Tenderloin / Jerusalem Artichoke Purée / Brown Butter Fiddleheads / Pickled Ramps / Black Garlic / Golden Beet Gastrique

Chef Tyler Gugliotta

Zatar Crusted Te Mana Lamb Rack / Falafel / Feta Mousse / Pickled Red Onion Jelly / Cucumber / Seared Baby Tomatoes / Pomegranate Redux / Herb Purée / Mint / Flowers

Chef Victor Munoz

“Rhône Valley Lamb” — Te Mana Lmb Loin  Sous Vide in a Rosemary Olive Butter / Prune Purée / Aged Rhubarb Vinegar / Red Ixora Emulsion / Beech Ragu / Pickle Currants & Rhubab / Long Thai Pepper & Cassis Tuille

Chef Keith Lord

“Hardwood Fired Tunisian-East Indian Thali”

Te Mana Lamb Leg | de boned, cleaned, re-wrapped, marinated in evoo, turmeric, ginger, chilies & soft spices, cooked on the bone.

Marble Potatoes | cooked in the coals in cast iron with rendered lamb fat dripped from the leg & chops above, bay leaf, cinnamon stick, crunchy salt

Grilled Ramps Green Chutney | of cilantro, mint, chilies, green garlic

Te Mana Lamb Loin Chops | marinated in spring onions, green garlic, ginger, chilies, cinnamon & bay leaves Labneh, keema curry masala, petite radishes & their flowers

Keema Curry Shaksuka | cooked in the coals in cast iron with ginger, spring onions, early girl tomato, sugar snap peas, green garlic, indian green chilies, farm egg

Naan | smothered with blitzed mint, basil, cilantro, pepper & garlic

Chef Kevin O’Conner

Venison fillet cooked in fruity Australian Olive Oil and California Bay Laurel / Fresh Morel Mushrooms / Roasted Spring Onion / Sauce of Blueberries and Spring Porcini / Spruce Tips / Tasmanian Pepper Berry Salt

Chef Ricardo Heredia

Venison Coated in Dried Shiso / Koji Rice Espuma / Dashi braised Daikon with Mushroom Pizzelle / Caviar Butter / Venison Rajioyaki with Venison Katsuobushi / Dried Sunflower Petals

Chef Sean Dent

Beets / Sasonal Vegetables / Mole / Tomitillo Salsa / Smoked Te Mana Lamb Tomahawks / Chive Flowers / Lavander Flowers / Mircogreens / Beet Gnocchi / Butternut Squash Gnocchi / Pistachios

Chef Yoann Therer

Te Mana Lamb Rack glazed with Buckwheat Miso / Morel stuffed with BBQ Lamb Sweetbread / Ramp Merguez / Peas / Garlic Purée / Lamb Jus split with Anchovy Garum

Chef Brian Howard

“Middle Eastern Dim Sum” —  Wood Smoked Te Mana Lamb Ribs with Dukkah Spice and Fresh herbs / Harissa Glazed Te Mana Lamb Loin with Shwarma Pickles /  Te Mana Lamb Neck Gyros with Ajiamarillo Labneh and Pickled Red Onion with Fresh Naan Bread / Te Mana Lamb Kafta with Green Harissa / Wood Fired Te Mana Lamb Chop with Zaatar Spiced Wild Spring Vegetables and Muhammara / Crispy Te Mana Lamb Cutlet with Sweet and Sour Chickpea Relish

Chef Timothy Neumann

Venison / Sunchoke Purée / King Trumpets / Pickled Beets / Juniper & Mulberry / Wild Garlic⁣⁣⁣ ⁣⁣⁣