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Build A Bowl 2019 Contest WINNERS

We were so excited to partner with Hellmann’s again this year to present the 2019 “Build A Bowl” Contest! We asked you to make a creative food bowl using one of four Hellmann’s dressings – Spicy Hatch Chile, Smoked Peach, Lemon Zaatar, and Charred Tomato and Garlic – for the chance to win some incredible prizes.

The Grand Prize was a knife roll from Boldric, a set of Wusthof knives, AND a custom blade from Nora Knives. There was also a voting portion where your peers could vote for the dish they thought should win the People’s Choice Prize – $250 to True Cooks and $250 to Spiceology! Over the course of the competition, we received so many amazing entries that we decided to also share 5 honorable mentions who will be receiving a Chef’s Roll swag pack. Scroll below to see our winners for the #BuildABowl2019 contest! 

Congrats to our winners and thanks to all who participated! You can see all the incredible bowl entries at #BuildABowl2019!


Chef Coty Seaver

“Friends Harvest”

Day-boat Yellow Fin Tuna with late summer micro vegetables finished with a smoked peach vinaigrette.

 Hellman’s® Dressing Used: Smoked Peach

Congratulations Chef!

His incredible bowl wowed our judges and he will be taking home a one of a kind, handmade blade from Nora Knives. Not to mention, an incredible knife roll from Boldric Knives and a full set of Wusthof knives!


Chef Ulisess Souza

“Bora Bora Octopus Bowl”

Avocado Cilantro Sauce / Oven Roasted Baby Octopus / Organic Tricolor Quinoa / Organic Crimini Mushroom/ Orgay Sunflower Microgreen / Pimenta Bode /  Charred Tomato and Garlic Dressing

Hellmann’s®  Dressing Used: Charred Tomato and Garlic


During the contest, submissions were open to the public for the opportunity to vote for their favorite 2019 Hellmann’s bowl! This year, Chef Ulisses Souza’s octopus dish won our People’s Choice prize with the most votes over the course of the contest. He’ll receive a $250 True Cooks gift card, a $250 gift card credit to Spiceology, and some Chef’s Roll swag. 
Congratulations Chef!


Chef Roderick LeDesma

Peaches and cream / Fresh Burrata / Smoked Peach Vinaigrette Tomatoes / Smoked Peach Vinaigrette Pickled Mustard Seeds / Duck Confit + Crispy Skin / Fermented Peach Powder

Hellmann’s® Dressing Used: Smoked Peach


Chef Michael Graziano

Celery Root / Romanesco Cauliflower / Chard Peach / Compressed Carrots / Smoked Peach Dressing / Violas / Blue Borage Flower / Coriander Blossom / Neon Sweet Pot Leaves

Hellmann’s®  Dressing Used: Smoked Peach


Chef Edgar Hernandez

“Vegan Scallops”

Kabocha Squash Plate / King Oyster Mushroom “Scallops” / Farro and Purple Kale Salad tossed in Lemon Zaatar Vinaigrette / Mesquite Smoked Coconut Broth Foam / Toasted Pumpkin Seeds tossed with Susmac / Pickled Kabocha Squash

Hellmann’s® Dressing Used: Lemon Zaatar


Chef Chris Nau

Tea Smoked Zhangcha Duck / Shaved Sweet Melon Dahlia Blossom Salad in Smoked Peach Vinaigrette / Zesty Jimmy Nardello Chili Sauce

Hellmann’s®  Dressing Used: Smoked Peach


Chef Julian Gonzalez Cruz

Za’atar & Smoked Peach Hellmann’s Vinaigrette Marinated & Pan Seared Ahi Tuna / Pickled Tri-Color Beets / Grilled Palisades Peaches / Fermented Avocado Rondelles / Marinated Baby Heirloom Tomatoes / Baby Arugula / Pea Tendrils / Smoked Flying Fish Caviar / Nasturtium / Fennel Pollen and Habanero Sugar drizzled with Smoked Peach Vinaigrette

Hellmann’s® Dressing Used: Smoked Peach

 Thanks again to everyone who participated in our Hellmann’s #BuildABowl2019 contest! We loved seeing all of your creativity in your uses of Hellmann’s Dressing.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hellmann’s visit their website!

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