Hellmann’s Build a Bowl Contest 2019




Thank you for registering for the 2019 Build a Bowl Contest with Hellmann’s! We are currently reviewing all of our applicants. If you are selected to compete – you will receive an e-mail by Monday  August 11th that will include a link to where you will upload your bowl photo and recipe! Then, keep an eye out for your chosen sample of Hellmann’s dressing to come in the mail and get cooking!


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It’s back! Chef’s Roll is once again teaming up with Hellmann’s to present the #BuildABowl2019 Contest! Here’s how to compete:

  1. Register Below by August 4th.
  2. If selected to compete, wait to receive a sample dressing from Hellmann’s
  3. Create a “bowl” using that dressing 
  4. Upload it by September 8th using a link that we’ll email to you.
  5. Winners will be announced September 13th!


Okay now this is epic. One lucky winner is going to receive a custom knife roll from Boldric Knives. It’s going to be packed with a full set of Wusthof knives.

That’s not all though. The winner will also receive this gorgeous handmade blade from Nora Knives:



After submitting your dish, it will be publicly viewable in the gallery, where people can vote on it. You’ll also be given a custom link to share with your friends, fans, and family. The entry that ultimately receives the most votes will receive the People’s Choice Prize – a $250 True Cooks gift card, a $250 gift card credit to Spiceology, and some Chef’s Roll swag



Meal bowls have been a rising culinary trend for the past several years, offering chefs and consumers alike a simple and flavorful meal – representing any number of culinary influences. In the #BuildABowl2019 we want to see your take on the unassuming – but mighty – “bowl,” using Hellmann’s dressing as a cornerstone; exploring complementing flavors, and wrapping it up in a beautiful presentation.

This contest is open to culinary professionals from the UNITED STATES and CANADA.

One lucky chef will bring home the Grand Prize: A one-of-a-kind custom knife roll with a handmade blade form Nora Knives and an incredible collection of Wusthof knives! Additionally, after public voting, the bowl entry with the most votes will win $250 to True Cooks and $250 to Spiceology plus Chef’s Roll swag.

Anyone interested in competing is invited to register online. Chosen chefs will be shipped samples of Hellmann’s to use in the creation of a dish. When you’ve made your dish, you can submit it online via a private link. After this, judges will select a winner based on creativity, technique, and appeal.


Check out this entry from Bailey Miller, the winner of last year’s competition, or explore the #buildabowlcontest hashtag on Instagram!


This year, you’ll get to choose between four exciting flavors of dressing to use in the creation of your dish. You’ll get to pick one when you register below!

(Full contest rules HERE)