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A big thank you to all the chefs who took part in the Callebaut “Great Chocolate Stories” Contest. We received over 100 entries, which left our panel of judges the tough task of whittling them down to a Final 50 Short-List. From double chocolate panna cottas, to dark chocolate ganaches, it was great to see such a creative array of dishes from chefs across the US using Callebaut’s many fine products. Now we’re on to the second round of judging, so here, in no particular, is the 50 semi-finalist entries below. UPDATE! Click here to see which chefs are going to Belgium.

The Callebaut “Great Chocolate Stories” Top 50 – IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

1 – Jesus Eduardo Escalante Flores from Ramona, California

Chocolate mousse cylinder, chamomile cream, hazelnut mousse, chocolate milk, cocoa butter, milk chocolate & hazelnut filling.

2 – Matt Broussard from Seattle, Washington

Callebaut white chocolate dipped waffle taco, white chocolate mascarpone, cold crunchy chocolate snow.

3 – Caroline Peters Key Largo, Florida

Callebaut double chocolate panna cotta, salted caramel Crispearls, dehydrated meringue, graham powder & fresh micro flowers.

4 – Ryan Peters from Key Largo, Florida

Callebaut White Chocolate Glazed Summer Corn Donut, Florida Blueberry Puree, Salted Caramel Crispearls, Popcorn, Micro Flowers.

5 – Mason McCoy from Springfield, Illinois

Callebaut White Chocolate Chambord Mousse, toasted oat genoise, strawberry rum compote and a peanut butter mousse finished with a brown butter peanut sable base decorated with Callebaut dark squares and an isomalt tuile.

6 – Karla Espinosa from Houston, Texas

Callebaut & Matcha Garden: white chocolate & matcha honeycomb, Kumabo chocolate ashes, Velvet finest white chocolate and coconut whipped cremeux, chia pudding, red bean & Origins Sao Thomé chocolate gananche.

7 – Amanda Krause from Saint Joseph, Michigan

Callebaut brownie with dark callets, Callebaut cocoa powder & 70% callets for decoration.

8 – Courtney Segal from Block Island, Rhode Island 

Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Semifreddo served with hot chocolate sauce, spiced/candied cashews & vanilla crème fraîche ice cream.

9 – Erika Sims from Moosic, Pennsylvania

George Washington “Chopped Down Cherry Tree” using Callebaut Chocolates.

10 – Johnny Wesley from Houston, Texas 

Milk chocolate mousse, white chocolate powder, dark chocolate panna cotta, chocolate soil, nitro raspberries, raspberry puree.

11 – Jessica Scott from San Diego, California

Callebaut Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Torte: blueberry stuffed puff pastry wave, dusted with Dark Chocolate Crispearls.

12 – Tamara Westerhold from Fairfax, California 

Callebaut Chocolate Roulade: Creme de Cassis, French Milk Jam Buttercream, Callebaut Milk Chocolate Ganache, Dark Chocolate Crispearls, Callebaut Cocoa Powder.

13 – Katrin Biemann from Flagstaff, Arizona

Four Layered Chocolate Cake: Callebaut Intense Chocolate, chocolate chiffon sponge, Callebaut cocoa powder, chocolate rum, chocolate ganache, chocolate ruffle.

14 – Christina Conte from Los Angeles, California 

Callebaut dark chocolate buttermilk cake, mocha buttercream, dark chocolate ganache (Callebaut cocoa, chocolate chips & baking sticks.)

15 – Kayla May from Nashville, Tennessee

Chocolate Hazelnut Cake: Candied Orange Peel, Caramelized Hazelnuts, Gianduja Whipped Cream, Dill Fronds, Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Dacquoise, Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate Caramel Mousse & Callebaut Gianduja.

16 – Tiesha Lewis from Clayton, North Carolina

Callebaut Chocolate “Fire” Bombe: chocolate, buttermilk chocolate cake, Rose Regale dark chocolate mousse, dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate flame garnish & raspberry coulis.

17 – Meghan Stewart from Beachwood, Ohio

Callebaut Single Origin Brazil Dark Callets, Napoleon with a Honey Orange Mousse, Extra Brute Cocoa Powder & Crispearl Soil, Citrus Marmalade.

18 – Megan Williams from Nashville, Tennessee

Chocolate Pretzel Bar: pretzel shortbread, cookie crunch, dark chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel mousse, malted milk whipped cream, Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate, cookie crunch.

19 – Michael Poole from Seattle, Washington

Callebaut’s Trio Of Chocolate with Spicy White: Double Chocolate Cheesecake, Callebaut dark chocolate, Chocolate Macaron, Callebaut dark chocolate ganache, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Carmel, Callebaut single origin, Callebaut Crispearls salted caramel, Callebaut milk/dark chocolate rocks, White chocolate , habanero caramel, firehouse chili, cayenne caramel & Callebaut white chocolate.

20 – Jeff Bonilla from San Diego, California

Chocolate was cremeux, tempered, consommé, powder, whipped, mousse etc.


21 – Amy Hansen from Chicago, Illinois

OMG Candy Bar inspired by a class at the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy in Chicago: Callebaut Finest Belgian Dark, Milk Chocolate & Callebaut Hazelnut Bresilienne), Cocoa Barry Feuilletine, Callebaut Finest Belgian Dark & Milk Chocolate ganache.

22 – Alfred Gomez from Hollywood, California

Callebaut Cacao Pod: Finest Belgian dark chocolate, Pineapple Mousse, Cacao bean truffles (Belgian White and Dark Chocolate) chocolate coconut tart, Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate banana ganache.

23 – Phillip Ashley Rix from Memphis, Tennessee

Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding: Chianti Cream Sauce, Blackberry Bordeaux Compote, Callebaut Coco Powder & Sao Thomé.

24 – Sean Streete from Napa Valley, California

Callebaut Revolutions: Callebaut Madagascan Single Origin Chocolate, Finest Belgian White Chocolate Callets, Pailleté Feuilletine, Crispearls, White chocolate Callets, Single Origin Brazilian Dark Chocolate, Ganache, Poprocks & toasted hazelnuts.

25 – Sara Figueiredo from Boston, Massachusetts

I Need S’More Campfires: Graham cracker sable, Callebaut chocolate ganache, toasted malt marshmallow, ‘fire sprinkles’, Callebaut chocolate logs & sticks, Callebaut chocolate soil, malted graham cracker ice cream & strawberry gel.

26 – Almira Cancarevic from Longwood, Florida

Callebaut chocolate and Mini Crispearls were used along with a mold of a Chocolate Book and silk-screened Callebaut Logo.

27 – Yushi Osawa from Seattle, Washington

Marble pop, white chocolate (Barry Callebaut Zepyhr) & vanleer.

28 – Melody Yono from San Diego, California 

Callebaut dark chocolate cremaux, orange marmalade, dehydrated starfruit, beet powder, hazelnut cocoa nib soil, white chocolate foam, dark chocolate meringue, hot fudge & micro basil.


29 – Shuling Chen from La Habra, California

Chocolate Floor Red Velvet Cake with White Chocolate Mousse: Callebaut Dark Chocolate Floor, Callebaut White Chocolate Mousse, Callebaut Cocoa Powder, Candied Orange Zest, Pomegranate Mousse, Red Velvet Crumble, Confection Sugar & Lime Zest.

30 – Ryan Stipp from Bristol, Virginia

Pots Du Creme: Callebaut Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate Chocolate Pots Du Creme, Mixed Berry Coulis, Yellow Grits Sponge, Buttery Salted Popcorn, Greek Yogurt, Sea Salt , Corn Flake Chocolate Crunch.


31 – Stacy Marie Fortner from Seattle, Washington

Chocolate Fudge & Banana Glace Ice Cream Sandwich: malted milk chocolate cremeux, cinnamon brownie, hazelnut praline, sea salt & corn flake chocolate crunch.

32 – Simon Herfray from New York, New York

Callebaut Foret Noire: Callebaut dark chocolate mousse, cherry puree flourless chocolate biscuit, crispy “Sable Breton”.

33 – Ami Dand from Atlanta, Georgia

Callebaut Chocolate S’mores: Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate, White chocolate, strawberry gel, graham cracker crumble, toasted Finest Belgian White chocolate & vanilla bean marshmallow kisses, fresh strawberries and raspberries, chrysanthemum petals & dark chocolate Crispearls.

34 – Ava Aratsar from Las Vegas, Nevada

Ixcacao Goddess: Warm Sabayon Brownies, Aerated Milk Chocolate Crispy Rice, Caramel Foam, Warm Chocolate Sauce, White Chocolate Powder, Candied Pecan Cocoa nibs & Dark Chocolate Gelato.


35 – Seung Min from La Habra, California

Ganache Berries Crystal Dome: Callebaut Hard Ganache, Red Cake, Pomegranate Gelée, White Chocolate Mousse, Cocoa, Blackberries, & Raspberries.

36 – Carrie Summer from Minneapolis, Minnesota

Luxury chocolate sphere – super complex earthy ganache of three different percentages of Callebaut chocolate.

37 – Junko Mine from Kirkland, Washington

Bittersweet Chocolate Pavé: Callebaut Sao Thomé, burnt Marsala meringue, graham cracker, smoked vanilla bean gelato, shaved chocolate.

38 – Carla Schier from Seattle, Washington

Wedding Cake: Callebaut Select Milk Chocolate Ganache, dark chocolate cake (Callebaut cocoa powder), caramel Swiss meringue buttercream, dark chocolate Crispearls, handcrafted sugar flowers & blackberries.

39 – Derek May from Nolensville, Tennessee

Truffle Assortment: Callebaut Dark, Milk and White Couverture Chocolate. Flavors (L-R): Fernet, Champagne, Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Strawberry, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Bay Leaf and Honey, Espresso, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate & Salted Caramel.

40 – Jove Hubbard from Chicago, Illinois

Finest Belgian Chocolates & Exotic Fruits Ice Cream Sandwich: Milk & Dark Belgian Chocolates Sherbet, passion fruit & coconut sorbets, salted caramel Crispearls, cocoa sable & micro sponge, dark rum candied coconut, Tajin-spiced mango.

41 – Erin Kanagy-Loux from Brooklyn, New York

Warm Fudge Brownie, Summer’s First Cherries & Kefir Ice Milk.

42 – Cheryl Wakerhauser from Portland, Oregon

Strawberry Fields with Farmer François: Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate, Select Milk Chocolate mousse, Dark Chocolate Crispearls, Finest Belgian Select White Chocolate cheesecake mousse, strawberry coulis, colored Finest Belgian White Chocolate, Green marzipan “foliage”. Farmer François crafted from white & dark chocolate.


43 – Ashley Drake from San Diego, California

Bombe “Dismantled”: Callebaut Finest Belgian 70% Dark Chocolate & Belgian Milk Chocolate, Lavender Honey Mousse, Callebaut Dark Crisppearls, Raspberry Filled Macarons, Callebaut Semi-Sweet Ganache Filled Macaron, Blackberry Thyme Coulis, Callebaut Dark Chocolate Demi-Sphere, Vanilla Honey Panna Cotta.

44 – Kelly Smith from Orlando, Florida

Florida Sweet Corn Gelato: Callebaut chocolate brownie, candied bacon, burnt honey, corn crunch & Callebaut Mini Chocolate Crispearls.

45 – Caroline Kolaja from Chicago, Illinois

Like Water for Chocolate: Chocolate mousse with Callebaut Finest Dark Belgium Chocolate, dark chocolate genoise and glaze, vanilla water cake, powdered Callebaut Finest Belgium White Chocolate, blue white chocolate décor, meringue sticks, pansies & blueberry fluid gel.

46 – Dionne Himmelfarb from Seattle, Washington

Ecuador Chocolate Tart, Raspberry & Salted Caramel Crispearls.

47 – Alina Muratova from Seattle, Washington

Russian honey cake with Belgian milk chocolate, milk chocolate “honeycomb” & honey-Greek yogurt whipped panna cotta.


48 – Ignacio Prieto from Berkeley, California

Spice Mango Pisco Sour: Callebut Finest Belgium Chocolate, Mango puree reduction, Chilean Pisco & Chile de árbol.

49 – Heather Regan from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

“Tequila sunrise” Cheesecake: Callebaut white chocolate citrus cheesecake, tequila lime graham cracker crust, colored Callebaut white chocolate mirror glaze, candied orange slice, candied mint, edible pearl, strawberry & orange coulis.

50 – Nancy Manlove from Texas City, Texas

Chocolate Caramel MAXINE Torte: Callebaut Milk & Brazil Semi-Sweet Extra Bitter Guayaquil Chocolates, Cocoa Cake and Caramel.

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