Cherries Top 25

A big thank you to all the chefs who took part in the Featured Ingredient Challenge with Montmorency Tart Cherries. Our panel of judges have chosen the Top 25 Finalists. From cherry jerk pork to cherry semifreddo, it was great to see a wide range of uses of Montmorency Tart Cherries in the following forms: frozen, dried, juice, juice concentrate, and canned. Next announcement will be the top 5 winners on Oct. 10th. #montmorencyonthemenu

Congratulations to Chef Toni Elkhouri for taking home the People’s Choice Award with 511 votes – you win a custom Nora Knife with Cherry wood handle!

The Montmorency Tart Cherries Top 25 – IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER

1 – Jeff Bonilla from California

Tart cherry smoked duck in duck fat sous vide marinade.

2 – Katrin Biemann from Arizona

Montmorency cherry-brownie layered cream cake with frozen chocolate sand.

3 – Louis Robinson from Florida

Cherry Jerk pork Jerk pork ribeye • Honey cherry glaze • Feta cream • Sautéed corn cherries and shallots • Okra leaves

4 – Jeremy Macak from Connecticut

Pan seared Halibut with Montmorency cherry foam, honey glazed toasted almond and dried tart cherries, smoked bacon chips and a micro green salad.

5 – Rickie Perez from Chicago

Montmorency Tart Cherry Mignonette Oyster

6 – Rebecka Evans from California

Montmorency Tart Cherry Crudo: Ahi Tuna and Smoked Salmon with Cherry-Balsamic Spheres and Tart Cherry Salsa

7 – Ian Ramirez from Michigan

Montmorency Cherry Fed Craft Beef with Cherry beet emulsion, clover and farmhouse grains

8 – Julianne Gutierrez from Virginia

Marcona Almond Herb Crusted Lamb Loin, Tart Cherry and Root Vegetable Gratin, Golden Beet Puree, Brandied Cherries, Charred Escarole, Cherry Foam

9 – Jennifer Goycochea from San Diego

Cherry + cinnamon sous vide Muscovy Duck Breast with caramelized yam puree, cherry-prosecco foam, cherry beurre rouge and duck fat gai lan

10 – Susie Wolak from Illinois

Montmorency Cherry Chocolate Tart

11 – Tamara Westerhold from California

Montmorency Cherry Semifreddo with Sicilian Pistachios and Callebaut Chocolate

12 – Jason Rivas from California

Montmorencry Cherry Chevre Cake with a Black Pepper Graham Crust

13 – Evan Gonzalez from California

Chilean Sea Bass over Cherry Smoked Belly Barley with a Montmorency Cherry Poached Duck Yolk

14 – Amanda Miller from Michigan

Montmorency Cherry Entremet Rouge

15 – Peter Croce from New York

Terrine of foie gras infused with red wine and Montmorency cherries, red wine cherry sauce, cherry mustardo, pistachio, baby basil and various baby herbs

16 – Neel Sahni from Colorado

Montemorency Braised Pork Shoulder with Cherry Mostarda

17 – Seung Min from California

Cherry beets salad with goat cheese and candied walnut

18 – Nathan Odom from California

Pan Roasted Duck Breast with Montmorency Cherry Gastrique, Reconstituted Montmorency Cherry Compote, Spherified Cherry Juice, Yellow Squash, Pickled Carrot, and Apple

19 – Lisa Keys from Pennsylvania

Fried Almond Oysters with Dried Cherry Salsa Verde & Chipotle Crema

20 – Melody Yono from California

Montmorency Cherries Gone Wild: Chocolate cherry ganache tart, cherry whiskey creme anglaise, toasted almond, crystallized dried cherries & meringue

21 – Ben Diaz from California

Sous vide Duck, Duck Merringue, Cherry Cornbread and Garnishes

22 – Alina Muratova from Washington

Deconstructed cherry cheesecake: cardamom no bake cheesecake, Graham cracker sponge cake infused with ginger, gingersnap crunchy tuile, “cherry”- sour cherries braised in bourbon, orange juice, set with gelatin and dipped in mirror glaze. White chocolate “sail”.

23 – Caleb Fischer from Alabama

Cherry Pâte de Fruit: Cherry Cream, Glazed Cherries, Caramel Corn, Meringue Crisps, Pie Crust

24 – Sandi Sheppard from Oklahoma

Szechwan vegetable & duck confit stuffed aubergine with balsamic-tart cherry glaze over dried tart cherries-pecans & duck bacon

25 – Elizabeth Nutt from Georgia

Lemon custard with a white chocolate soil, Montmorency cherry compote, a Montmorency coulis, caramel glass, and vanilla meringue kisses