Over 600 chefs and culinary professionals registered for THE IMPOSSIBLE™ BEEF FROM PLANTS RECIPE CONTEST, making it one of our most competitive ever.

The competitors did not let us down, and the judges had an incredibly difficult time narrowing down these twenty finalists. Their selection is based on the creativity, originality, and presentation quality of the dish – as well as the quality of the photo submitted depicting the dish.

The prompt for the contest was to choose from one of three culinary trends to feature – Newstalgia, New European, and Around The World Flavors and Spices. In selecting these finalists, efforts were made to ensure as much representation as possible from among the three trends.

Congratulations to these finalists and thank you so much to everyone who participated. There were many more than twenty tantalizing submissions. You can see them all and show some love by checking out #ImpossibleRecipeContest on Instagram!

On Friday, May 27th, 2024, the winners of this contest will be announced – with the grand prize winner receiving $3,000 cash.

Chef Travis Clifford

Lamb Merguez Kefta / Pistachio Muhamarra / Herbs / Chili Crunch

Chef Enior Coronado

“Tostada de Picadillo” — Impossible Beef cooked with Adobo / Split Peas / Potatoes / Pickled Carrots / Pickled Onions / Avocado Puree

Chef Brianna Welk


Old World Style Meat Tart — Korean Black Garlic & Mushroom Impossible Beef Tart / Miso Whipped Sweet Potato Puree / Beech Mushrooms / Gochugaru Aioli / Avocado Crema / Taro Chips / Grilled Leek Plank / Carrot & Micros

Chef Joe West

Impossible Beef with Dandan Salsa Macha / Avocado / Pickled Rhubarb / Lime / Dill / Seed Crisps

Chef Sean Streete

Za’atar Spiced Empanadas / Mango-Harissa Chutney / Shell Ridge Farms Micro-Greens

Chef Justin Scardina

House-Made Chorizo Sausage with Mole Sauce / Local Stone Ground-Dried Chili Spiked Masa / Avocado-Lime Crema / Pickled Locally Foraged Ramps / Greenhouse Cherry Tomatoes

Chef Nathaniel Malone

Impossible Beef and Wild Ramp Dolma — Za’atar Cured Egg Yolk / Carrot Tahini Aleppo Broth / Eastern Redbud Blossoms / Ramp Oil / Wild Mint / Preserved Lemon

Chef Ben Diaz

Impossible Lula Kebab / Sundried Tomatoes Hummus / Fire rRasted Naan / Compressed Feta, Charred Leek Pesto

Chef Matt Heikkala

Dan Dan Noodles / Impossible Meat / Scallions / Bok Choy / Hazelnut Butter / Toasted Hazelnuts / Kimchi

Chef Greg Driver

Fried Squash Blossoms — Impossible Meat with Smoked Shishito Mushroom Conserva & Mushroom Stock / Amber Beer Tempura Batter / Summer Squash Emulsion Calabrian Pepper Remoulade

Chef Jeff Wooley

Shepherds Pie — Potato-Crusted Impossible Beef / Fresh Tarragon / Spring Pea Puree / Rainbow Carrots

Chef Raul Perez

Impossible Meatloaf Torta — Avocado / Pickles / Microgreens / Vegan Mayo / Chipotle Ketchup

Chef Jennifer Zambrano

Chiles Rellenos — Impossible Beef Picadillo / Pistachio Molé / Pickled Serrano Peppers

Chef Nicolas Hartanto

Impossible Lasagna — Crispy Edges / Summer Squash & Zucchini / Impossible Ragu / Basil Crema / Aged Parmesan

Chef Josue Baca

Dan Dan Noodles — Smoked Impossible Beef / Szechuan Pepper Salsa Macha / Tahini Black Vinegar Emulsion / Sour Mustard Greens / Tobajan / Cilantro

Chef Esai Negrete

Impossible Beef and French Onion Pasta — Bella Mushrooms / Bourgueil Wine / Fermented Garlic / Parmigiano Reggiano / Rosemary

Chef Matt Schneider

Mapo Tofu — Impossible Meat / Doubanjang ( fermented bean paste) / Douchi( fermented black soy beans) / Mushroom Powder / Gogugaru / Black Vinegar / Szechuan Peppercorns / Poached Tofu

Chef Jason Silva

Impossible Beef Potstickers / Yuzu & Black Garlic Soy Sauce / Served with a Daikon Radish & Bell Pepper Salad

Chef Jonathan Pye

Korean Smash Tacos — Crispy Flour Tortilla / Caramelized Impossible Meat / Hard Shell Corn Tortilla / Kimchi / Sprouts / Avocado / Crispy Shiitakes / Radish / Cilantro / Black Sesame / Green Onion / Runny Local Rarm Raised Egg

Chef Eddie Lee Bryant

Beef Wellington — Spiced Impossible Beef basted with Garlic & Rosemary Butter / Locally Grown Roasted Cremini & Leek Duxelles / Chive Crepes and Buttery Puff Pastry