Calling all US-based chefs and culinary operators who love meat and want to experiment with flavor trends! Do you want to win thousands of dollars in cash prizes? We’re teaming up with Impossible Foods to offer complimentary samples to 150 select chefs who will compete by creating an original dish and posting it on Instagram.

Register by April 14th for a chance to receive samples and to compete for a $3,000 cash Grand Prize, or one of two $1,000 Runner Up Prizes.

Impossible Meat From Plants is a one-for-one substitute for traditional meat from animals. It cooks, looks, and tastes like animal meat and is ready for any recipe. If you can cook with beef from cows, you can make Impossible™ creations. Learn more at their website.

For this contest, competitors will select from one of three trends to inspire their entry: New European, Newstalgia, and Around The World Flavors and Spices. Read more about the trends below.


  1. Registration: If you are interested in competing, register below by April 14th, 2024.
    • All recipes should contain zero animal meat, and use only Impossible meat from plants. Dairy and eggs are acceptable.
  2. Dish creation and submission. 150 competitors who are selected to receive samples will have until May 5th, 2024 to create an original dish and post it on their public Instagram account.
  3. Finalists Announcement. Judges will review entries and announce 20 finalists on May 10th, 2024. Finalists will be required to submit a large batch recipe with at at least 20 portions for their entry.

  1. Judging and Winner Announcement. Judges will review the finalists’ recipes and announce the winners on May 17th, 2024!

Looking for a little inspiration? Watch Chef Mikel Anthony explore the New European trend in the Chef’s Roll Test Kitchen:


Terms and conditions apply. The full contest rules can be found here.


  • One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $3,000 USD cash prize, payable as check.
  • Two Runner Up Winners will each receive $1,000 USD cash prize, payable as check.


Impossible Beef looks, cooks, tastes, and satisfies like animal beef, and serves as an incredibly versatile center-plate protein that can seamlessly integrate into a variety of flavorful dishes. For this contest, competitors must select one of the following Trends to inspire their dish.

1. New European

Explore the evolution of next-generation European cuisines. Italian, Greek, French, and other European regions showcase what it means to offer a modern, European-inspired experience. Explore new ideas, next-generation ingredients, or showcase how European cuisine may have influenced the cuisines of other countries.

2. Newstalgia

In 2024, everything old is new again. While older generations are excited to see items from years past come back on the market, many Gen Z consumers are experiencing these nostalgic foods for the first time. Classic menu items like patty melts and pot pies are making a roaring comeback, while other dishes like Caesar salad are offering flavor inspiration to new formats.

3. Global Flavors & The World of Spices

There are countless global flavors that have always been go-to’s for many in-the-know chefs, but are still new for many consumers. Flavors like Za’atar, Tahini, Yuzu, Black Garlic, Harissa, and Ponzu have piqued the interest of even the most casual foodies, driving interest and curiousity.

For all three Trends, we’ll be sharing even more information with competitors to help you develop a strong entry. Good luck, chef!

Click here for full rules.

Images courtesy Chef’s Roll and Impossible™.