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Premium Haute Caviar Plating Competition Winners

In the Premium Caviar Plating Competition, Haute Caviar and Libbey challenged 15 chefs to create two stunning caviar dishes – one as a traditional caviar service and the other featuring Haute Caviar in an original dish – and plate them on gorgeous Libbey plateware. All of the chefs were incredibly talented and each created amazing dishes, making it extremely difficult decision for the judges to choose a winner.  Because of this, the judges are DOUBLING the amount of prizes and winners! Instead of selecting a Grand Prize and 2 Runner Up Prizes for the entire contest – they have chosen a Grand Prize Winner and 2 Runners Up in each dish category!

Both Grand Prize Winners will take home 250g of Premium Haute Caviar, a Chef’s Roll Apparel Carbon Chef Coat, and a  Meglio Knife with Haute Caviar-inspired etching. All 4 of the Runner Up Winners will also receive the Chef’s Roll Apparel chef coat and Meglio knife, as well as 125g of Premium Haute Caviar.

A big congratulations to our winning chefs! Haute Caviar would like to thank Chef Graham Elliot for being an amazing guest judge. And thank you to all of the incredible chefs who competed! You can see all the dishes created for this contest at #HauteCaviarContest on Instagram.


Grand Prize Winner

Chef Bri Baker

Truffle Ricotta Panna Cotta / Hackleback Caviar / Smoked Salmon Mousse / Yuzu Green Apple / Dill

Runner Up

Chef Rick Bools

Chicken Skin Cracker / Egg White / Belgium Osetra Caviar / Crispy Chicken Skin / Micro Thyme

New Zealand Coromandel Oyster Cracker / Paddlefish Caviar / Fried Caper / Butter Fat Crème Fraîche / Pea Tendrils

East Coast Wild Uni Cracker / Egg White / Egg Yolk / Hackleback Caviar / Chive

Runner Up

Chef Pratik Mungre

Poached Lobster topped with Osetra Caviar/ Bed of Dashi Jelly lined with individual Caviar Eggs / Summer Vegetables / Colorful Assorted Condiments and Extra Virgin Olive Oil  


Grand Prize Winner

Chef Jonathan Kaiser

Hackleback, Belgian Osetra, and Paddlefish Caviars

Traditional accoutrements:
Œuf Mimosa / Whipped Crème Fraîche / Brunoise Shallot / Chive / Buckwheat Potato Blinis
Egg Yolk Custard Brioche Sandwiches

Runner Up

Chef Brother Luck

A Caviar & Dim Sum Tasting

Runner Up

Chef Thomas Laaczynski

Osetra, Paddlefish, and Hackleback Caviars with Tiganita Potatoes / Beets / Chives / Egg / Shallots / Caper Berries / Crème Fraîche / Cornichons