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Snag the Crown Contest – WINNERS

Featuring Prosciutto di Parma

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the Snag The Crown Contest! After 12 incredible chefs were chosen to receive a whole leg of  Prosciutto di Parma to break down and create with, these three chefs amazed our judges with the talent and creativity showcased in their dishes! The Grand Prize winner will win a custom cleaver from Nora Knives, gold tweezers and a charcuterie board from TrueCooks, and a Chef’s Roll prize pack! Both Runner Up winners will receive custom paring knives from Nora Knives, tweezers from True Cooks, and some Chef’s Roll swag! 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! To see all the amazing dishes created for this contest,  visit the hashtag #SnagTheCrownContest on Instagram!


Chef Ryan Lory

“Green Eggs and Ham” 

Deviled Quail Eggs / Compressed Melon and Chilled Asparagus Salad / Prosciutto Dashi / Sliced Prosciutto / Prosciutto Fat Vinaigrette / Whipped Prosciutto Fat and Asparagus Purée / Crispy Prosciutto & Pistachio Crumb / Pickled Ramps



Chef Katie Weinner

“It Was All A Dream”

Melon “Cannelloni / Silky Prosciutto Panna Cotta with Purple Peppercorn / Jalapeño-Prosciutto Olive Oil Powder / Crispy Prosciutto / Rose & Lemon Thyme / Nasturtium / Simply Sliced Prosciutto


Chef Jeremy Bechtold

“Prosciutto Di Parma Ramen”

Ramen Stock made from Prosciutto Bones & Top Meat / Prosciutto Soy Cured Egg / Prosciutto Chili Oil / Thin Prosciutto Rosettes / Mushroom Conserve / Scallions / Bean Sprouts / Sesame Oil/ Sesame Seeds / Nori / Locally Foraged Mushrooms