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Trident Seafoods presents the Wild Alaska Contest

In the #WildAlaskaContest, Chef’s Roll has partnered with Trident Seafoods to provide 60 US-based chefs with samples of the the most abundant certified-sustainable wild fish in the world: Wild Alaska Pollock, and challenge them to create an innovative dish showcasing their favorite techniques and flavors. Wild Alaska Pollock is a cousin to cod with a similar flavor, texture and appearance. It has a lower carbon footprint than beef, chicken, pork and most other land based proteins and is naturally low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is a natural source of Omega-3 Fatty acids and high in Vitamin B 12.
Anyone interested in competing is invited to register below. We are especially encouraging high-volume chefs to apply – but all registrants will be considered! A select number of chefs will be shipped product to use. When you’ve made your dish, you can submit it online via a private link. After this, judges will select a winner based on creativity, technique, and appeal.
Winners have been announced! See who won here.
(Full contest rules HERE)


The grand prize winner will receive a custom NORA Knife ($400 value). A one-of-a-kind custom crafted knife by NORA Knives specifically for the champion of this contest. They’ll be the only person in the world with this beauty in their roll – featuring a koa wood handle and 3 stripes of blue resin as a nod to “Trident.”

They’ll also win some outdoor-ready Trident Gear, including a cap and jacket ($70 value), to make sure they’re prepared for their next adventure.

Finally, they’ll also get a custom Chef’s Roll x Big Frig insulated tumbler ($30 value). These things work so well!


One runner-up will win a jacket, cap, and tumbler, AND $250 cash.


The People’s Choice Prize is a jacket, cap, and tumbler! It will be awarded to the chef whose entry receives the most votes during the public submission period. All entries will be publicly viewable in a gallery after launch.


Registration is now closed.

Link to official rules

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