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Unlock the Secrets of Butter WINNERS

Congratulations to our 3 Grand Prize winners of the #SecretsOfButterContest! We challenged our community of chefs to unlock the secrets of European butter by creating a savory, bakery, or pastry dish using Butter of Europe for the chance to win 1 of 3 all-inclusive trips to The Anti-Convention. We received many amazing submissions but narrowed the competition down to 6 incredible finalists, two in each category.

After recreating each of the 6 finalist dishes in our Test Kitchen for one last round of judging, we are excited to finally announce our 3 winners! These 3 lucky chefs will be flown to San Diego for a VIP trip to The Anti-Convention in April 2020 and will also be receiving an epic paring knife from Meglio Knives!

Scroll below to see which 3 chefs were chosen as our winners and to see which 5 dishes received the most votes online and will be taking home the People’s Choice Prize – a collection of Chef’s Roll swag! Congrats to all our winners and to everyone who participated in this contest! 


Chef Jenny Dorsey

“From the Depths” Entremet

Thyme Panna Cotta / Sweet Corn Mousse / Strawberry-Fennel Gelee encased in Cocoa Butter / Pine Nut Biscuit / Vanilla & Serrano Pepper Swirled Glaze / Yellow Wasp




Chef Zoe Adelstein

“Pumpkin Spice Brioche with Caramel Cinnamon Apples”

Pumpkin Spice Blend Brioche / Caramel Syrup / Caramel / Slow Cooked Cinnamon Apples



Chef Tim Pheasant

“Poached Maine Lobster in Butter with Beurre Rouge”

De-shelled Maine Lobster poached in French Butter then plated with Beurre Rougee





Chef Rubi Garcia

“French Tijuana” – a French omelette marries a Tijuana street taco

French Omelette with Butter and Herbs / Hollandaise / Sous-Vide then Torched Ribeye / Avocado Sauce / Fire Roasted Salsa / Preserved Lemon / Fine Herbs / Ash


Chef Ulisses Souza

“Filet Au Poivreo”

Filet Mignon / Fresh Organic Carrots / Asparagus / Babbella Mushroom / Garlic / Radish / Microgreens


Chef Joei Tyra

“Hawaiian Sunrise Tartelette”

Rodolphe Le Meunier Butter / Passion Fruit / Mango / Cane Sugar / Unbleached Flour / Alaea Sea Salt / Farm Fresh Eggs / Mint⁠


Chef Ivan Leon

“Mexican Butter Raviol”

Mexican Ravioli made with Tortilla covered with Egg Whites Confit / Flamed Onion / Butter Ground with Fresh Epazote / Sweet Carrots / Carrot Hollandaise Sauce


Chef Nicholas Tang

“Maryland Softshell Crab with Four-Pepper Sauce”

Maryland Softshell Crab / Black, Pink, Green and Sichuan Peppercorns / Ginger / Garlic / Isigny Butter / Rice