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Barramundi Tacos

Australis Barramundi fish tacos with shishito and Meyer lemon.

by Chef Mikel Anthony

This recipe is part of the Chef’s Roll Test Kitchen, in partnership with Australis Barramundi.

Shishito Lemon Puree


  • 1-2 ea. Meyer lemons, charred
  • 4-8 ea. Shishito peppers, charred
  • ½ ea. bunch of Parsley (for added color)


  1. Puree in blender to desired consistency with oil.
  2. Season to taste.



  • ¼ ea. Cabbage, red and green
  • 1-2 ea. Serrano, sliced
  • 1 tbsp. approx. Mayo (adjust as needed)
  • ½ ea. Lime, juice
  • tt. Salt and pepper


  1. Shred cabbage and toss with other ingredients.
  2. Season to taste.


Plate tortillas, cover with puree, add slaw, and then grilled fish.