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The 365 Day Dry Aged Beef Project – Episode 3

In episode three of the 365 Day Dry Aged Beef Project, Chef Daniel Barron gets the beef ready!
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About the Project: Chef’s Roll has teamed up with Chef Daniel Barron, the Texas Beef Council and Wüsthof for an epic 365 Day Dry Aged Beef Project. We will be dry aging “107” USDA prime rib eyes for an entire year, while sampling the results at 30, 60, 90 and 180 day intervals. The project will culminate in a beef vertical dinner to include all intervals with the 365.
Our goal is to both educate and inspire chefs around the world to dry age beef safely. In Episode 1, Chef Daniel Barron goes over all the components for your own dry age setup. Episode 2, Barron installs all the components and walks us through his setup. Episode 3, Barron receives the meat and preps it for its year-long journey. The rest of the episodes, which will be posted here on and also on YouTube, will be explorations of the beef’s characteristics at each stage, as Barron breaks down an entire rib and guest chefs incorporate it into a dish.
Follow the project all year long on the website, app and social with #365DRYAGEDBEEFPROJECT.