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Winners of the #PureSouthNAChefContest

Alliance North America Online Chef Contest Featuring Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Handpicked Venison

Congratulations to the 3 winners of the #PureSouthNAChefContest! The competition was stiff, but out of 25 incredible finalists, these 3 dishes rose to the top! The Grand Prize winner for Best Overall Entry will recieve $500 cash and an all-expenses paid trip to New Zealand in 2021 to see first-hand where the incredible Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Venison is raised! The winner of the Best Te Mana Lamb Dish will take home a Kudu Grills Inferno package and the Best Venison Dish will win a one-of-a-kind custom blade from Nora Knives

Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! To see every amazing Te Mana Lamb and Pure South Venison dish entered, follow Pure South North America  and visit the hashtag #PureSouthNAChefContest on Instagram!


Chef Brian Howard

“Middle Eastern Dim Sum” —  Wood Smoked Te Mana Lamb Ribs with Dukkah Spice and Fresh herbs / Harissa Glazed Te Mana Lamb Loin with Shwarma Pickles /  Te Mana Lamb Neck Gyros with Ajiamarillo Labneh and Pickled Red Onion with Fresh Naan Bread / Te Mana Lamb Kafta with Green Harissa / Wood Fired Te Mana Lamb Chop with Zaatar Spiced Wild Spring Vegetables and Muhammara / Crispy Te Mana Lamb Cutlet with Sweet and Sour Chickpea Relish



Chef Tristan Epps

Venison Tenderloin Crepinette with Suya Boar Sausage / “Hāngī ” Roasted Roots and Wild Shoots and Thistles / Wild shoots and Herbs Emulsion


Chef Jordan Rosas

Te Mana Lamb Rack covered in Lemon Balm Tips and Thyme Flowers / Asparagus / Morels / Egg Yolk Sauce seasoned with Sea Palm and Black Garlic Shoyu / Hazelnut Crumbs / Morels / Asparagus Espuma / Lamb Jus  finished with Banyuls Vinegar