Thank you to all the chefs who took part in the Avocados From Mexico Super Guac 2017 Contest. We asked professional and aspiring chefs to create a unique guacamole inspired by their favorite football team using Avocados From Mexico. From green & gold Green Bay inspired guacamole to brisket laden Cowboy guac, choosing the Top 5 Finalists and Grand Prize Winner was a difficult task. We hope the entries have inspired your guac making for Super Bowl LI! Find the Grand Prize Winner and Runners-Up below.

Make sure to click on any of the photos below to get the recipe!

Super Guac 2017

Grand Prize

 Ravenswood Hand Forged Chef Knife

JENDE Leather Trifold Knife Roll

Lost Car Chef’s Roll Snapback

edited - Lobster Guacamole with Candied Tequila Lime Bacon

Runner’s Up

JENDE Leather Trifold Knife Roll

Lost Car Chef’s Roll Snapback

(in no particular order)


edited - Crab & Tomatillo Guacamole with Sourdough Chips By Katsuji Tanabe

edited - Green & Gold Brat Guacamole By Lacey Muszynski

edited - Pepper and Onion Guacamole with Fried Polish Sausage Chips

edited - Cowboy Brisket Guacamole By Melissa Farr


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