Aussie Lamb Tartare by Ryan Peters, Sous Chef at Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo, Florida.

Serves 4 people 


1 lb. Aussie Ground Lamb
3 T Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 each White Asparagus Stems, finely minced
1 each Lemon, finely minced, no pith
TT Chives
TT Salt
TT Pepper

2 T Harissa Spice Mix (dried chiles, smoked paprika, cumin, coriander, garlic powder, caraway seeds)
1c Greek Yogurt
TT Lime Juice

4 each White Asparagus Stems, sliced with a peeler into thin ribbons
½c Rice Wine Vinegar
¼c Water
1/3c Sugar

2 each Watermelon Radish
2 each Spring Onions


  1. For the tartare base, place the Aussie Ground Lamb in a bowl. Add olive oil, minced raw asparagus, minced lemon, sliced chives. Mix to combine and season as necessary with salt and pepper. Reserve.
  2. Take Harissa dry spices and dry toast in a sauté pan. Cool down and blend in a spice grinder. Pass through a chinois and combine with yogurt and lime juice to taste. Place in piping bag or squeeze bottle.
  3. Combine rice wine vinegar, water and sugar in a small sauce pot and bring to a boil and reduce by ¼. Cool completely. If you have access to a chamber vacuum sealer, place asparagus ribbons in a small bowl. Pour pickling liquid over top as well as a few ice cubes to regulate the temperature in the cryovac machine. Place bowl in cryovac machine and cryovac one time as is. Store in the refrigerator in the liquid.
  4. Slice watermelon radish on a mandolin and then cut out with a small ring cutter. Hold in ice water.
  5. Cut the spring onion tops (green) into 1-2” pieces, slice to open into a flat piece. Slice very thin and then immediately into ice water. Reserve.


  1. Using a ring mold, place a small amount of tartare on the plate and press gently. Remove mold.
  2. Place a few dots of Harissa Yogurt around the plate.
  3. Top the tartare with a few ribbons of Pickled Asparagus, Spring Onion Ribbons, and Raw Watermelon Radish. Enjoy!


Ryan Peters Dinner Series

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