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Joshua Greene

Winners – Ribera y Rueda Pairing Challenge

Over the past few months, dozens of chefs have competed to push their cooking and wine-pairing abilities to the next level in order to win a trip to Spain to visit the sister regions of Ribera de Duero and Rueda, home to two extraordinary wines.

After an intensely difficult judging process, the winners are now announced.

That’s right – WINNERS. The judges had such difficulty choosing a single champion, that they instead have chosen TWO competitors to win a trip to Spain — currently anticipated to take place in early Fall 2021 (pending COVID-19-related regulations.)

All of the entries were truly on another level, and the consensus among the judges was that it was a shame that more prizes couldn’t be offered. Still, congratulations to our winners and also to several runners up that the judges wanted to acknowledge!

WINNER: Joseph Martinez, chosen especially for the pairing with Rueda

WINNER: Rosana Rivera, chosen especially for the pairing with Ribera

Honorable Mentions:

Ryan Clark

Lindsay Sipress

Adam Hegsted

Ben Diaz

Sergio Ungureanu

Mollejas de Cordero y Setas silvestres salteadas al PX con huevo organico e higado de pato

Berenjenas Fritas con Miel y cuajada al Limon

Toni Elkhouri